What Kinds of Debt Qualify For Debt Settlement?

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Qualifying for Debt Settlement Services

This particular debt solution allows you to work with a debt relief company to negotiate a lower amount owed to your lender. Because the new amount owed is significantly lowered, most people can pay off the debt completely in two to three years. While debt settlement is ultimately a great option for many people, there are specific types of debt that are eligible.

Credit Cards

The most common type of debt for settlement services is that of credit cards. In fact, U.S. consumers have billions of dollars of credit card debt combined, and most households have an average of $8,000 in this type of debt. The eligible debt could be a couple thousand dollars of debt on a single credit card or even a compilation of debts on several cards and is not limited to traditional cards. Visa, Discover, or American Express are the norm for resolving debt, but you could also seek out settlement if you are in debt with a department store or other service credit cards, like ones from Sears, Macy’s, or even PayPal.

If the majority of your debt comes from this particular line of credit, then debt settlement actually works in your favor. In most cases, lending companies simply want to get their money back, so if you owe several thousand dollars to an unsecured credit account, they will likely want you to pay what you can as soon as possible. They simply do not want to wait months or years for the original amount to be returned, and this is great leverage for your negotiations.

Unsecured Loans

Loans are relatively simple to get, but they can be difficult to pay off, especially if you come across an unexpected hardship. The form of credit is notorious for high interest rates and numerous fees, so, if you get behind on a few payments or do not pay your balance in full every month, you could face a high financial penalty.

If a difficult situation comes up, the last thing you need to worry about is how to settle your debt when you are looking to pay thousands of extra dollars in fees and interest. Debt settlement services will work with you to lower the amount you owe and the fees associated with various types of loans. Personal loans and bank loans are the most common forms because they are often unsecured, meaning you did not have to provide any form of collateral to receive them. Secured loans, which are often in the form of business, auto, and some student loans, are more difficult to negotiate because your initial contract stated the lender could use your collateral to pay off any unpaid balance.

Medical Bills

One trip to the hospital leaves many people wondering how they can possibly owe so much money and what they can do to settle their medical debts. Debt settlement services may be the answer. While medical bills do not necessarily rack up a lot of interest in the amount of time you are not able to pay them off, it is very common for bills to be several thousand, or even tens of thousands, of dollars for simple services.

Despite the high cost of medical procedures and services, many hospitals and clinics will actually lower the amount owed pretty easily when a company seeks negotiation. Sometimes, the amount you owe can be as low as 50 percent of the original bill. When you work with a financial expert specializing in debt settlement, they will work with you to find out just how much you can afford and negotiate with the hospital to get as close to that amount as possible.

Other Stipulations

Worrying about how you can instantly settle so many debts is a stressful burden. Choosing to settle those debts with a trust company will not only relieve much of that stress but can also help you clear your debts in a simple, streamlined way and help you get back on track with your personal finances. If you think that settlement might be the right answer for you, consider if your specific situation is best suited for the debt settlement process.

Typically, debt settlement services are best for those who are in an overwhelming amount of debt, usually more than $10,000. You also have to make sure that you would be able to consistently pay off your new, settled amount. Most negotiations agree to a lower monthly payment so you pay off the lower balance in under five years. While the negotiations are important, failure to pay the negotiated amount could result in owing the original amount with additional fees.

Get the Solution that is Right for You

Credit cards, unsecured loan,s and medical bills are the main types of debt that qualify for settlement, but they are not part of a limited list. The best way to find out if your particular debt qualifies for debt settlement is to speak with someone from a debt relief company who will go over the types of debt you have, the amount you owe, your income, and your budget to come with a solution that is right for you. Debt settlement is just one of many services available to get you out of debt in the most manageable way possible. Speak with Liberty Debt Relief today to find out how you can take your first step out of debt and into a brighter future.

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