Taking control of your finances does not have to confine you to a life of endless computer tabs, stacks of bills, and an old calculator you had to dig through the junk drawer for. These days, the best budget planner is one that you can take on the go. By downloading a mobile app that you can easily use whenever you need, wherever you are, you can better monitor your finances at all times of the day.

Check out some of the best apps available for setting a budget to pay off a debt, starting a healthy savings account, and meeting your financial goals.

1. Mint

Healthy spending habits begin when you have a budget you can stick to. Mint is a budget planner app that easily connects to your bank and credit accounts to help keep you accountable. Along with using your income and expenses to help you determine what money you have left for spending on non-essential items, such as shopping and vacations, Mint will also send you alerts so you are never late paying your bills. You can also set up goals on your account to save up for certain items or outings. The financial goal will become a part of your budget, so you can easily allocate money towards it every month.

2. Pocketguard

Pocketguard is a great way to make the best out of your mobile budget planner. The app was built in a similar way to Mint in that you can connect it to your banking accounts, however, you can also take it a step further and connect it to your investment accounts as well. Pocketguard also allows you to see your available funds in real time and will show you money under an “in my pocket” category that aims to prevent you from overspending after you pay off bills. One of the best features of the app is that it can automatically set a budget based on your income, bills, and goals and will regularly send you tips on how you can negotiate lower payments (which, ironically, is our specialty at Liberty Debt Relief, so make sure you contact us) or reduce overall spending.

3. Simple

For those who prefer having a streamlined financial plan, a great budget planner app to use is definitely Simple. Unlike many other budgeting applications, this one serves as a bank account as well. With Simple, you can create an account with an FDIC-insured bank that adds interest to your account and also provides easy to understand budgeting tools. The goals section will show you how much you have left to save for a purchase, and the Safe-to-Spend feature will show you how much money you really have available to spend without missing out on bills or other important expenses. The best part is that all these features are completely free of fees.

Take Your Budget To-Go, Today

Staying on top of your finances does not have to be stressful or difficult. By downloading one of the best budget planner apps available, you can spend your days counting down to the day you’ve saved up for that reward instead of counting down until your bills will be considered past due.

Work with Liberty Debt Relief today to learn more about budgeting and negotiating overwhelming debt so you can save even more and reach your financial goals.