Your Licensed Experts in PA Debt Relief

Pennsylvania residents tend to have above average student loan debt and below average credit scores, both of which can make financial planning difficult and bring about severe debt. If that sounds similar to your situation, and you’re currently experiencing a financial hardship that’s making it difficult to pay off your debt, our licensed debt settlement consultants may be able to help.

Starting with your free consultation, we’ll work directly with you and your creditors to negotiate a lower debt repayment amount. Don’t struggle with high monthly payments and building interest rates. If you have credit card debt, personal student loans, medical bills, and other forms of unsecured debt, work with us today and experience some relief.

The Debt Settlement Services Act and Our Careful Compliance

While PA debt relief legislation is standard in a lot of ways, they have also taken extra steps to make sure that consumers like you are protected, namely with the 2014 Debt Settlement Services Act. Through this legislation, no unlicensed debt settlement agency or representative can ask for payment for their services.

However, we’re proud to be licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. For businesses like Liberty Debt Relief to get licensed, they must fill out a long application to the state and then uphold specific standards after a license is granted, all of which protect consumers directly.

Liberty Debt Relief has made sure to adhere to the rules of the state and beyond. We want to make sure that every person in PA gets the debt relief services they have earned and deserve. Contact us today to find out how to get started on safely restoring your financial situation.