Licensed Indiana Debt Relief Experts

For some individuals in Indiana, among the vast farmland, Great Lakes, and a passion for football and the Indy 500, lies a financial hardship. America’s 17th most populous state suffers from a low average credit score of roughly 667 and an average credit card debt of more than $5,500. For the hundreds of thousands of hoosiers living in Indiana, debt relief programs are an absolute essential.

We’re licensed in your state, and our debt consultants are here to help you settle your unsecured debt so you can enjoy more financial freedom. We’ll review your income, credit report, debt, other expenses with you to determine possible solutions. If debt settlement is the best route, we will work hard to negotiate with your lenders to potentially lower your total amount due.

Indiana Debt Relief Laws

Indiana follows a set of strict guidelines to help consumers like you get the help they need with their finances. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), consumers are essentially guaranteed that any accredited debt settlement program in Indiana will treat them fairly and respectfully. Under the act, all creditors, debt collectors, and debt relief services are required to disclose who they are at all times and respect your wishes for privacy. Essentially, you can never be legally harassed by organizations that are registered with the State of Indiana for debt purposes.

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Liberty Debt Relief is one accredited Indiana debt relief company that can help you better understand Indiana laws and protections. We can also help you come up with the debt settlement program or other option that will help you continue to financially thrive in Indiana for years to come. Contact us today to get started with your free consultation!