Benefits of Debt Consultant vs. Debt Settlement Attorney

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When you get to the point where there is no other option than to seek a debt consultant, you will undoubtedly come across various options for doing so. Along with finding reputable companies like Liberty Debt Relief, you will also be introduced to the option of getting a debt settlement attorney. Attorneys can help with a lot of legal issues and specialties, but even though they are experts in the field of laws and regulations, getting out of debt may not be the best use of their knowledge.

Lawyers Focus on Legal Strategies, not Debt Settlement Plans

The only way to get out of debt — and prevent falling back into it in the future — is by getting advice and strategies from a debt specialist. Unlike lawyers, even those who focus on financial and debt law, this kind of expert can help you address the root of the problem, which is likely your high monthly payments and interest rates. Most of the time, lawyers may only specialize in bankruptcy as well. Unless you have already filed for bankruptcy or are about to, a lawyer will not be able to effectively help you get a hold of your finances for the long-term.

They will not have enough knowledge or experience working on settling with companies before they sue, nor will they be able to provide any real strategies on managing your budget. During your meetings and court hearings, the lawyer will be doing whatever they can to make the immediate issue go away. A debt consultant, however, understands that debt settlement negotiations take time and there is no quick-and-easy way out of financial stress.

The Expenses Will Likely Outweigh the Benefits

It is no secret that a debt settlement attorney is an expensive cost to take on. Most attorneys charge people by the hour and, when you are dealing with something as extensive as getting out of debt, you have to dedicate hundreds of hours to truly take control of the situation. Since many of these attorneys only focus on bankruptcy and complicated, last-ditch-efforts for debt relief, those hours of planning out a financial strategy can easily turn into days, weeks, and even months, and before you know it, you could accrue thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

When you have no choice but to file for bankruptcy, there is really no wiggle room in your budget to pay that kind of money, especially when you will be forced to pay a large retainer fee up front before you even get the financial assistance you need. Using a debt consultant instead will cost you far less, both in the short and the long-term.

Any accredited debt relief company will not charge an upfront fee and will only make you pay a small percentage of the money you end up settling. Additionally, unlike lawyers who will charge you their hourly rates and other fees, no matter the outcome, if a settlement is not reached with a debt relief company, you do not have to pay them for their service. Debt settlement companies are focused on getting you terms and dollar amounts you can handle the first time and will do everything in their power to make sure you do not go into more debt just to get out of debt.

There is No Sole Focus

Lawyers are known for working a crazy amount of hours and taking on dozens of cases at a time. Handling a lot of different cases at once can cause some lawyers to forget information, confuse numbers, or even fall behind on scheduling negotiations and conversations with debt collectors. For something as life-changing and crucial as getting out of debt, there is hardly time to deal with mismanagement.

Getting help from a certified debt settlement specialist ensures that your case is looked at with the most concentrated care as possible. Certified debt relief companies know how important getting personalized attention is when looking to settle debt. This is why they make various specialists available so no consumer has to worry about getting lost in the daily shuffle. As soon as you decide to work with a debt settlement company like Liberty Debt Relief, you will be appointed to one person who will work diligently to get you out of debt as soon as possible and who is willing to work with you as much as you need, whenever you need.

Make the Choice That’s Right for Your Financial Future

At the end of the day, you need to make the best choices for your situation to secure a future of positive and healthy financial situations. Debt settlement attorneys do a great job of handling legal issues, but by taking control of your situation sooner rather than later, you can avoid thousands of dollars in legal fees, days spent back and forth in courtrooms and law offices, and can develop a strategy that helps you get out of debt now while making a plan to stay out of debt in the future. Attorneys are usually not needed to get out of debt and, by doing research and discussing your options with a credible debt settlement specialist, you can start your journey into financial success in just a few hours.

Contact Liberty Debt Relief today to find out how you can avoid bankruptcy and costly lawyer fees and start getting on track to settle your debts.

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