Dealing with Credit Card Collection Calls in a Productive Manner

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When people get into debt, it is far too common that, within a few short months, they get bombarded by calls from credit card collections. For many people, that seemingly endless stream of phone calls can border on or transition entirely into harassment. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks we at Liberty Debt Relief suggest that can help reduce some of this harassment and allow you to deal with debt collectors in the most effective way possible.

Keep a Record of the Calls

While it is totally legal for debt collectors to contact you regarding your debt, they are not allowed to continue doing so if you tell them to stop or to call you at all hours of the night. When you start looking at how to deal with debt collectors, the best place to start is to track when they call and what the conversations entail. If it seems like the contact is irregular or abusive, you can report the call logs to a state agency or the Better Business Bureau.

Discuss the Situation

While too many calls may seem obnoxious, you cannot completely ignore every single call from credit card collections and expect the problem to go away. You have to talk to the debt collector at least once. When you do so, discuss your financial situation at length and make sure to find out how much you owe and to whom. This will help establish a line of trust and credibility so you can get back on track.

Don’t Provide Personal Info

Despite what many collectors may tell you over the phone, you do not have to provide them with your personal cell phone, work phone, or the names and contact information for any of your friends. The only information they have to have is your name and a way of sending you notices by mail if you do not want them calling you. If they insist on any other information, make sure to log their request, especially if they are persistent.

Seek Assistance

If you are ever unsure about how to deal with calls from debt collectors, the best thing to do is ask for help. When you contact Liberty Debt Relief, for example, we may be able to actually speak to your creditors and negotiate the total amount of debt you owe. Once they see you’re making an effort to pay off your debt, the calls may stop. When it comes to your finances and your future, having a helping hand can often give you the leverage you need to make positive changes.

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