California Debt Relief Professionals

The Golden State is shining with endless natural scenery and opportunity, which is why there are nearly 40 million people living within the California borders. However, as beautiful and wonderful as the state tends to be, it is also a devastating state for debt. In fact, according to Forbes, this state ranks No.1 in the United States for student loan debt with 3.7 million borrowers and $120 billion of owed student debt. Debt is frightening, but there is definitely help available via debt settlement in California.

Our professionals at Liberty Debt Relief have spent years learning all the ins and outs of California debt relief!

How Our Experts Can Help You

As a debt settlement company in the state of California, we’re here to help you negotiate your debt with your lenders. If you’re experiencing a financial hardship that’s making it impossible to pay your debts each month, we’ll speak to you in detail about your fiscal status. This allows us to build a relief strategy that is unique to you.

Additionally, if you are looking to learn more about your options when dealing with debt collectors or debt settlement in California, our debt relief services are readily available. Whether it’s reading the fine print of credit card agreements or earning the steps to settle your debt, we can help.

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