Financial Hardships that May Qualify You for Debt Settlement Help

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The saying goes that when it rains, it pours, and when it comes to debt, that happens way too often. Millions of households are struggling to pay off their outstanding balances and are seeking unsecured debt relief. For those who have experienced a sudden loss of income, medical issues, or the loss of a spouse, there is financial hardship help available.

Loss of Income

These days, there are no guarantees. One of the most common reasons people need financial relief is because they lose their job unexpectedly. The company may have decided to downsize, completely close, or eliminate the employee or position for any number of reasons. When you suddenly lose your job and income, it doesn’t take long for all the bills to start racking up, which can cause a lot of stress and put you in serious trouble. But some lenders often understand that something like this is outside of your control and are willing to be flexible you while you look for other sources of income so you can get debt relief and focus on the bigger picture.

Sudden or Ongoing Medical Issues

It’s no secret that health care costs are on the rise. With the average hospital stay costing $10,000, it is no wonder people go into debt. While hospitals and health care facilities are limited in what financial hardship help they can provide, your lender will be more understanding, especially if the issue is sudden or ongoing. As long as you show them that you are doing everything you can to pay off your medical bills and regain your financial footing, they will want to help. At the end of the day, they just want to get paid too and want to work with you to make it happen.

Loss or Separation of a Spouse

When families separate, the effects can last a lifetime. Whether a married couple divorces or a spouse suddenly passes away, the mental, emotional, and financial toll can be devastating. Financially, this means that there is now likely only one breadwinner of the home, which can make paying bills or even knowing what all the bills are significantly more difficult. For those who have children, this can be exponentially more taxing. Lenders will almost always provide financial hardship help in a situation like this. While you won’t be able to have your bills dismissed altogether, they will likely be able to help with any interest, due dates, and grace periods.

Get Help When You Need It Most

Liberty Debt Relief always makes our clients our number one priority. If you are experiencing any of these financial hardships or another situation that you hope will qualify you for debt settlement help, call us today. We are happy to provide a free debt relief consultation and work with you to make sure that you get over this personal and financial hurdle in the best and most effective way possible.

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